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How Masmo Came To Be

Masmo was formed in 2014 by Robert Masters and Ray Moore, and Charles Alexander joined as a director in 2016.

The company has developed a diverse portfolio of television projects for domestic and overseas audiences.

Our production team includes top flight professionals in every field.

A host of renowned presenters, actors, musicians, singers and sports stars are involved in our projects.

The Masmo Team


Below are the details for all three of the our Company Directors in reverse alphabetical order


Ray Moore

Company Director

Ray Moore is a three times BAFTA winner and highly successful Broadcast TV and Commercials Producer and Director and has worked for the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 and international broadcasters. He has extensive team development experience and a proven track record in all broadcasting genres.

Capable, approachable and resilient, Ray consistently produces invigorating programmes with sophisticated ideas and creative, effective presentations.

Hands-on leadership, good negotiation and excellent interpersonal skills give Ray the ability to build relationships and work closely with people at all levels with clear vision and strong production management skills. He excels at strategic and operational levels.


Robert Masters

Company Director

Robert Masters followed six years as a professional musician with a long period as a director of the Robert Stigwood Organisation, where he was involved with top international names, managing and acting as the agent for some of the hit groups of the day including Cream. Robert deals with artistes' liaison and all contractual matters.

His associate company Masterspiece APM handles world class artistes and talented newcomers and acts as an adviser to festivals and theatres in the UK and abroad.

Robert has spent the past two years developing Masmo's music projects, writing the screen plot for Boris, the comedy drama, and negotiating for the on-screen personnel involved in the production portfolio.


Charles Alexander

Company Director

Charles Alexander spent five years as a computer programmer before switching career to become the director of London's Jazz Centre Society for nine years until 1982, producing hundreds of concerts, festivals and tours by UK and leading international artistes.

He wrote and presented many varied music programmes for BBC Radio 2, Radio 3 and World Service before establishing Gleneagle Productions with one of his BBC producers, Nick Freeth, creating documentary programmes commissioned by the BBC.

An author and publisher, Charles was founder of Jazzwise magazine, which celebrates its 20th year in 2017, and is also a director of Gleneagle Books Ltd and Jazzsense Publications Ltd.


What We Have Been Working On

An innovative musical quiz game (not a talent contest)
An historical programme about London
A sporting quiz with no celebrities
Power to the People
A comedy drama about life in the music business
The movie making industry
Highlighting Britain’s world status in music
The Brits are coming – an intriguing story



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Direct Contact Info

Ray Moore

Phone: +44 (0)20 8546 5144
Mobile: +44 (0)7860 153 599
Email: ray@masmo.co.uk
Location: London

Robert Masters

Phone: +44 (0)1363 866 665
Email: robert@masmo.co.uk
Location: Sourth West

Charles Alexander

Phone: +44 (0)20 8767 2213
Email: charles@masmo.co.uk
Location: Sourth East



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